Eita has sustained his relationships from middle school and gained new relationships with others he has met since returning a school with familiarity.

Haruto souma

Closest friend, from school before he moved. Both played baseball, Izumi pitches for Haruto. They have each other's LINE contact since before he moved, continuing to message initially. Haruto knows about his 'past' feelings for Natsume.

Natsume Mio

Friend from school before he moved. Were both on the committee and talked a lot, before he moved. Natsume has a promise with Izumi, that he won't tell anyone about her unrequited love. Quote 'ill beat you to pulp' Izumi denied remembering the promise when asked at the aquarium, if he will still honour it, but it was renewed with a LINE sticker: 'tell anyone and I will kill you' he agrees later in person. Izumi may still have feelings for Natsume, but at the moment, he denies it. Quote: 'it's all in the past'

Komiya Ena

Komiya's nickname for Izumi was 'Mysterious transfer student' until she learned his name. Izumi was noticable displeasured、 when he found out that the person Natsume wanted him to meet was Komiya. Komiya wants to use a photo of him, she has captured for a photography competition and is very persistent, to the point of being pesky. Komiya grabs onto Izumi when needed, to continue or start a conversation. Izumi reluctantly give her his LINE id, but sets conditions (no stalking!)

Mio Natsume

Hazuki Morikawa

Haruto Sōma

Ena Komiya

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